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Arlethian Commonly called wood-dwellers. Inhabit the Western Province of the Realm of Senthara, anciently called Arlethia. Historians predominantly.

Borathein Hardened northern race occupying the land north of the Glaciers on Gonfrey, called Borath.

Hardacheon Former inhabitants of Senthara, kin to the Borathein.

Haxlium According to legends, giants who once roamed the lands. Nothing further known.

Helsyan Commonly called chase-givers. Blessed by the Dark Mother and cursed by the Living Light.

Kearon Those defeated by Oliver Wellyn after the Sentharian invasion and conquest of Senthara. Banished from the Realm.

Orsarian Invaded the Runic Islands in 393 A.U. and were subsequently defeated. No further knowledge of their race is currently known.

Senthary Current occupants of Senthara, defeated the Hardacheons over 400 years ago.

Shrule Commonly called Archivers. Inhabit the Jarwyn Mountains in the Eastern Province.

The Ancients From whom all the people of Våleira are descended. The Age of the Ancients preceded the cycling of the lands.

Those Not Remembered Nothing known