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Ahnia Wife of Shane, mother of two children

Aiden  Master of the Hold Guard for Hold Kerr and, later, Hold Therrium.

Alendry A (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Almena A Kearon woman, mother of Honleir

Alrikk A hold guard of Hold Therrium

Aramith An ore master at the Jarwyn Mines and a member of the Gyldenal.

Beckett Kerr Son of Halek and Fherlay

Bellathia A Borathein warrior

Benjin Kerr Son of Halek and Fherlay

Cadán A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Charldis An archer in the Southern Army

Colonel Bohdin An officer in the Arlethian Army

Croathus A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Daneris A Khansian Guard and a member of the Gyldenal.

Drake A hold guard of Hold Therrium

Dralghus A chase-giver (Helsyan). Formerly known as Rembbran.

Drilth Wendham Head chef of Hold Kerr, mother of Shayla

Ebry A hold guard of Hold Therrium

Ehliss A terranist, part of the Ministry of Terran Studies

Ehlok White wolf, often called Crimson Snow

Evrin A Light Shepherd, the Keeper of the Living Light, leader of the Gyldenal.

Fhayil Common Servant of Hold Kerr

Fherlay Kerr Wife of Halek Kerr, mother of Benjin and Beckett.

Frahl A Borathein warrior

General Antious Roan Supreme commander of the Arlethian Army

Ghryn Common servant of Hold Kerr

Glimon An Arlethian, former command sergeant in the Arlethian Army

Greyvin A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Haddik A Khansian Guard

Hagülus A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Halek Kerr Uncle to Thannuel Kerr, husband of Fherlay Kerr, father of Benjin and Beckett

Hambley An advisor to Lord Hoyt

Hawgl Alysaar of Shilkath

Hedron Kerr Son of Thannuel and Moira Kerr, twin brother of Reign

High Duke Emeron Wellyn Ruler of Senthara, son of Parlan Wellyn.

Holden An adherent in the Changrual Monastery

Honlier A Kearon youth, son of

Jayden A member of the Gyldenal and a wolf shepherd.

Johann A vicar of the Changrual Order

Jonathon A page in the court of Lord Hoyt

Josi’ah An Archiver assigned to House Wellyn

Kabel A janitor in the Changrual Monastery. Referred to as “Hobble Kabel”.

Kalithar A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Karuyl Former Minister of Terran Studies, father of Ehliss

Kathryn Hoyt Daughter of Calder Hoyt, promised to Hedron

Kemen A chase-giver (Helsyan), later reborn as Heluth.

Kimsly a hydraf trapper in the Southern Province, uncle of Master Gernald

Lady Briel Hoyt Wife of Calder, mother of Kathryn.

Lieutenant Fherva An officer in the Arlethian Army

Lord Banner Therrium Distant cousin of Thannuel Kerr. Later, Lord of the Western Province.

Lord Calder Hoyt Lord of the Southern Province

Lord Erik Gonfrey Lord of the Northern Province

Lord Grady Orion Lord of the Eastern Province

Lord Thannuel Kerr Lord of the Western Province, anciently called Arlethia. Son of Branton and Iliana Kerr and a member of the Gyldenal.

Marint A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Master Elethol Kennel master for Hold Kerr

Master Galvey Master equestrian for Hold Kerr

Master Gernald Master of the Hold Guard for Hold Hoyt

Maynard A chase-giver (Helsyan). Appointed leader of the Helsyans by High Duke Wellyn.

Merrick An Arlethian blacksmith

Mikahl Son of Seilia, brother of Rua-anna. Nicknamed “Fletch”.

Mindok A Borathein warrior

Mithi’ah An Archiver assigned to House Therrium

Moira Kerr Wife of Thannuel and Lady Matron of Hold Kerr.

Molina Albrung Younger sister of Moira

Naveen A healer in the Southern Province

Oliver Wellyn A ruler of the Senthary, credited with defeated House Kearon and unifying the Realm. First High Duke of Senthara.

Orlack A Hardacheon for whom the Stone of Orlack is named.

Prethor A Borathein warrior, nephew of Shilkath

Rehum Former high vicar of the Changrual Order.

Reign Kerr Daughter of Thannuel and Moira Kerr, twin sister of Hedron

Rembbran A chase-giver (Helsyan). Later is renamed as Dralghus.

Roben Findlay Minister of Terran Studies

Rue-anna Daughter of Seilia, sister of Mikahl

Ryall An adherent in the Changrual Monastery

Rykam A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Seilia Resident of the village Eldeir in the Western Province. Mother of Rue-anna and Mikahl

Shane Husband of Ahnia, fisherman from Faljier, father of two children. Later, Hold Master of Hold Kerr and a hold guard for Hold Therrium.

Shayla Wendham Common servant of Hold Kerr, one of Moira’s advisors, daughter of Drilth Wendham

Shilkath Leader of the Borathein

Shimarr A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Shoren A hold guard of Hold Therrium

Teagan An Arlethian fisherman

Thaxil A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Thor’ah The Patriarch of the Archivers

Timney A Kearon Youth, cousin of Honleir

Tray’ah An Archiver acolyte

Tyjil High Duke Wellyn’s closest advisor

Valagül A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.

Vash’ah An Archiver acolyte, son of Josi’ah

Zoraman A chase-giver (Helsyan) freed by Dralghus.